Do you know what parts are in the tire picker?

Publication time:2023-08-07 Page view:4624

Frame, hydraulic system, fixture, control system. According to the tire machine information, the tire machine mainly has parts including the frame, the frame is the support structure of the entire equipment, made of steel welding, with high strength and stability.

Hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is the core part of the tire tire machine, composed of hydraulic pump, oil tank, hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic cylinder, etc., through the hydraulic system to provide power to complete the disassembly of the tire.

Jig: Jig is used to hold the tire parts, made of steel or cast iron, can be adjusted according to the size of the tire. The control system is mainly composed of a controller and a circuit board, which can control the work of the hydraulic pump through the controller and realize the disassembly and installation of the tire. An auxiliary cylinder is arranged parallel to each side of the central oil cylinder of the tire picker. The pressure plate is vertically connected with the central oil cylinder. The two auxiliary cylinders are vertically connected with the ring hook slide frame. Through the interaction between the press plate and the ring hook slide device, the tire removal operation is controlled by the hydraulic system.